Cultural Research – Future Fictions: Ghibli Orchestra

Future Fictions: Ghibli Orchestra

Dao, C. T. (2015). Future Fictions: Ghibli Orchestra [online]

Whether Andrew Giampa, an orchestral soloist from Philadelphia, said that emotions can be magnified and channelled when you perform on a stage (Giampa, 2011) or Emily Yeh, a concert audience from Portland mentioned“when you are performing in an orchestra, you are 100% living in the present” (Yeh, 2011), itis clear that playing music in a big space surely brings passion and emotion to not only the player but also the audience. What the world around us might look like in the near future even has long been an essential argument of imagination for creative people to discuss. This paper describes the concept, an early model of the prototype for the festival of Future Fictions which takes place in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne in September of 2015.

orchestra, Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away, entrepreneurship, fan, fan art, creative identity, soundtrack, musical narrative, bath house, visual-audio performance.