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User Experience: We are of the world

I know many of you have been asking me the reasons why I want to be a UX Designer? Yes, I can mark one.
It’s all about acquiring knowledge. “We do not obtain knowledge by standing outside the world, we know because we are of the world”. You might have read that somewhere from a book of professor Tim Ingold, saying truly that if we want to learn one thing, we have to be within and experience that thing.
The best method of experiencing or creating experience is to emphasize on narrative craft and persona development by human senses. We all are a book to be written by our own life-experience story. We all start from a point and end at a point. Importance is what happened in the processes, places, and decisions we make during that story. Later on, when we see our user-experience design going to live, we can then experience the reaction of real tough customers from experiencing our design. Another interesting page will be written next, because the death of the author is the birth of the reader.
I believe so.
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Relationship between Interior & UX Design

Drawing and exporting the images are simple, but demonstrating the inspiration and explaining the reason why the design was done in that way is a different story.
In many of the interior designs by many architects, we learn that the designer was trying to apply the idea of multi-functional use of the house, where she treated the dining area not only as a dining room, but also as a mini bar counter. Here you may ask, so what is the relationship between this interior design idea with user experience? Think about it, when you get home after work every afternoon, when you cook and serve your dinner, how long do you actually stay at the eating area? Or the dining room makes you sick of enjoying the dinner while you have to eat it fast and give your stomach more pressure because it has to receive loads of food to digest at the short period of time. Have you ever sat down, experienced, and enjoyed your dinner every single second after work every day?
At the same time, have you ever thought about Feng Shui (風水) in your bedroom? Do you know that the two-elements Wind & Water plays an important part in providing balance between yin and yang in the human body? This brings you calm after 8 hours of office work because at the end of the day, calm is the only thing that gives you good sleep and restores your energy so you’ll feel better in the morning after. Isn’t this also user experience design?
Life is made of yin and yang, once we know how to design an experience which perfectly balances those two, isn’t that life-worthy?
Cuong Dao


In The Middle Of Nowhere

WORK TITLE: In The Middle Of Nowhere
LOCATION: District 5, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
TECHNIQUES: Photography, Electronic performing.
THE PLOT: Landscape was the first human text, read before the invention of other signs and symbols. In modern society, it’s good for a person to be called an insider when he’s having enough inside knowledge of the landscape. However, there’re some people who don’t feel themselves as insider nor outsider at all. And being a Chinese-Vietnamese has never been easy for us.
Landscape tells us and asks us to think about where we belong.
We see landscape, we walk street, we touch tree, we speak Vietnamese, and Chinese too.
We tried to immerse ourselves in the culture, but we failed, because they didn’t accept us.
When we stepped forward as a Vietnamese, the Chinese went away from us. When we headed as a Chinese, the Vietnamese ignored us.
We are totally lost. We don’t know what to do.
Should we keep moving forward? Or should we step back? Should we turn our lights on? Or we will dazzle people though we never wanted to?
Landscape is already there, but we, the in-the-middle-of-nowhere individuals, have nowhere to belong to.
Cuong Dao


Design is phenome-nology

To designers out there, let me get this straight, design is not something you can do by surfing Dribbble/Behance and copying each other’s works.
Design is phenomenology, my dears.
If you doubt, then pay attention to those some of the so called “design community” websites, it’s not difficult to notice that most of the designs we saw, are more likely to be the same. When I say they’re the same, I really mean it.
Well, we might know one of the reasons why most of the local designers nowadays have incorrect direction on the way they think about design, is because they’re all sitting with their computers by hours, clicking back and forth the reference pages to make a copy of them, and then just to design something for their clients to say “good”.
The fact is that we are all designers, then yes, we all know what user interface means to clients. But hey, great design doesn’t come from interface, it comes from the way people perceive it by using human senses. Great designers are those who are willing to use their senses to go out to the real world, to experience real problems. How could you develop the message? And how could you deliver that message through a design if you didn’t even experience the problem by yourself?
Design is phenomenology, the phenomenology in bionomics. A design process is the study of life of the organism in their natural habitat and their adaptations to their surroundings in the real world.
In order to identify a human’s problem, first of all, if you’re not willing to go out to the actual world to experience the actual circumstance, then don’t be a designer, be an ice-cream seller who makes everyone happy every day.
We do not obtain knowledge by standing outside the world, dears.
Please make things that are worthy to be called “design”.
Don’t be a duplicator. Be a problem researcher and solver, so that one day you’ll be proud to call yourself a “designer”. Best.
Cuong Dao


What if…

It rained as if it had never rained before.
Leaves tangoed as if they had never moved in old days.
He was touring Saigon on his little contemporary velocipede.
Not a orchestral one, but a piano solo version of Mozart’s “Minuet in D K355-576B” from the earphones could simply bring enough all inspirational ingredients for today.
He doesn’t like Mozart though, it pops up randomly from the song list. Maybe this is a day for classicism?
“Cafe sữa đá and a French Opera cake right?”, the waitress said.
“Come on, you know me so well!”, he chocked on.
Going upstair is always a choice for him.
At least you’ll get a bird’s eye view. And there’s no way you can have a wider view unless you really climb up the apples and pears.
“Today is pretty chaotic, but anyway, pencils up!”, he determined.

“Sup dude? Starcraft?, the guy was yelling at him.
“Have you ever got tired of greeting someone that way?”, he responded.
“Okay, what if I were one of your high school bombshells?”, the guy gave a condition.
“Kinda busy with my writing”, he said.
“Oh wow, that sounds sexy!”, the buddy replied.
“What if it was like pornography? And you watch it alone right? So I’d better not disturb you.” the guy continued.
“That’s a very good metaphorical example, dude!”, he admitted.
The pencil lead finally touched the surface of his journal’s page, with a title of WHAT IF.
What if it never rained this morning?
What if the wind blown him home?
What if he never met his friend today?
“Phew… what a day!”. And he never missed a period.


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